Alpacas are native of the high Andes in South America; they are one of the four types of camelids living in Peru. Alpacas bear low temperatures and harsh climatic conditions and its fiber is water resistant, soft, durable, and luxurious; it tends to be warmer and stronger than sheep wool. We are really excited to introduce one of the most authentic goods.


Baby Alpaca Scarfs

Our baby Alpaca Scarfs are stylish and have lively colors. Baby Alpaca wool is considered a finer and softer piece of Alpaca clothing.

Baby Alpaca Scarf2
Baby Alpaca Scarfs1

Baby Alpaca Hats and Snoods

A set of a hat and snood with unique colors.



Baby Alpaca Hats & Snoods

Hats & Earflap Hats

We have Alpaca wool hats and Earflap Hats with Andean designs.

Hats & Earflap Hats2
Hats & Earflap Hats1

Hat & Scarf Combo

A matchless set of a hat and scarf all together in just one piece. Very tasteful!

Hat & Scarf Combo2
Hat & Scarf combo1

Ruanas & Shawls

Ruanas and Shawls are a type of ponchos; they are outer garments worn in the Andes made from Alpaca wool. Ruanas and Shawls are very stylish and unique pieces of apparel.

Ruanas & Shawls1
Ruanas & Shawls2
Ruanas & Shawls3


A cloak grament, a Poncho is an authentic piece of art created in the Andes.





Gloves with flap and Mittens

Our Alpaca wool gloves are very soft providing comfort and warmth; they come with a flap for fingers.


Gloves with a flap & Mittens1
Gloves with a flap & Mittens2