Our Chili Peppers varieties have high levels of capsaicin, the natural compound in the chili that makes your tongue burn, can help you to burn more calories.


Health Benefits: 


  • Lots of vitamin E
  • Accelerates the metabolism
  • It is good for the liver and it does not damage ulcers
  • Studies have shown that capsaicin is a cancer fighter since it attacks the mitochondria or the energy center of the cell.


Chili Peppers Sauces

Yellow Chili Pepper Sauces
Red Chili Pepper Sauces
Panca Chili Pepper Sauces
Aji Limo Chili Pepper Sauces2
Aji Limo Chili Pepper Sauces1


Giant Corn with Chili Pepper

Pink Salt with Native Chili Blend

Pink Salt with Chili Peppers